Whether you’re starting an exciting new chapter or returning to campus for a new academic year in 2021/22, our priority is to ensure that you have a successful student experience in an enjoyable and safe environment. 365足彩外围网站app非常期待见到你.

了解如何完成在线注册,访问课程诱导信息等 大学感应.




除了最近的政府公告, we hope that the lifting of government Covid restrictions will remain in place for the academic year 2021/22. 365足彩外围网站app计划提供高质量的学生体验, 在亲自设计的基础上, 面对面的, 教与学活动, 辅以数字资源.


365足彩外围网站app教的科目范围很广, 从设计到牙科, 而数学则是海洋生物学的一部分——每一门学科都有自己独特的需求. The programme teams are designing the optimal teaching format for the various aspects of your course for the start of the next academic year.


小组教学——包括辅导班, 研讨会, 工作室, 以实验和实践为基础的课程-将亲自进行, 在校园. We want you to have as much live interaction with your lecturers and your course-mates as possible. You will be expected to attend your face-to-face sessions as they are an important part of your overall university and learning experience.


We have always offered a variety of teaching formats and positive student feedback during 2020/21 on the value of certain online opportunities enables us to offer even more flexible learning for 2021/22. 因此...



你可以观看一些预先录制好的讲座 安全的数码学习环境(DLE). 内容与现场讲座相同, but with the added benefit of allowing you to work through these materials at a time of your choice or to revisit materials after attending an in-person lecture.

In many instances these sessions will be supported with an online discussion area where you can ask questions and share ideas with your course-mates and lecturers, 利用对你有挑战的资源来巩固你的学习.


You will be able to meet individually with your programme staff and your personal tutors to discuss your ideas, 你的进步, 并在你的课程作业和作业上获得反馈和支持.


We are looking forward to welcoming our international students onto campus for the start of the 2021/22 academic year, however we are aware that because of travel restrictions this might not be possible in all situations.

365足彩外围网站app的项目工作人员正在努力确保,如果您无法前往英国, 365足彩外围网站app会尽365足彩外围网站app所能支持你远程学习, 暂时, 直到你能亲自加入365足彩外围网站app.

对于一些需要专业教学的课程,比如一些基于实验室的课程, 实用或临床学习计划, 远程学习可能是不可能的. Please discuss the implications of not being able to travel for any extended period with your programme team.

欲了解更多信息,请联系 国际学生的建议 或电子邮件 studentservices@普利茅斯.ac.uk.



You will need to use digital platforms as part of your learning experience and we will support you to make sure you have the digital skills you need to access learning and programme materials and share information and coursework with others.

We have developed training materials and online sessions to support you in the use of these as part of your studies. You can access all of these materials as soon as you have completed your online enrolment for the 2021/22 academic year.


We recommend that all students have access to their own technology to access their programme including the right hardware (例如, 一台笔记本电脑), 软件和连接性(例如, 宽带). 如果你要买笔记本电脑,你应该看看365足彩外围网站app的 为新生推荐的IT设备规格.

,一定要和365足彩外围网站app的 学生服务团队 on +44(0)1752 587676 谁能帮你联系上你的课程导师.

如果你发现由于经济原因,获得正确的技术是困难的, 学校可能会资助你. 看看365足彩外围网站app的 助学金和其他资助方案.

请注意: if your programme requires the use of specialist applications that are computing or graphics intensive, 例如, 计算机辅助设计, 游戏, 电影或设计, 你可能需要一台更高规格的计算机. 在这种情况下,请与365足彩外围网站app的 学生服务团队 on +44(0)1752 587676 谁能帮你联系上你的课程导师征求建议.


Interacting with others and making friends is such an important part of your university experience, 这就是为什么365足彩外围网站app要继续与 学生联盟(UPSU) 确保你能感受到365足彩外围网站app和彼此的支持. 通过网上安全开展校园活动, 你可以和别人交流, 有新的经历和建立重要的社会关系.


你们的幸福一直是,并将继续是365足彩外围网站app的首要任务. 如果你正在挣扎,你并不孤单. 365足彩外围网站app的 学生服务团队 ,包括365足彩外围网站app的专门精神健康小组和一系列其他服务,包括:

你知道有学生患有焦虑症吗, 抑郁症, or other mental health conditions may be able to access additional funding to support their studies?

请与365足彩外围网站app的 学生服务团队 或直接与 残疾人服务.


有证据表明良好的心理健康与运动和锻炼之间存在联系. Regular exercise can help to maintain personal wellbeing and help to mitigate the effects of mild to moderate 抑郁症 and anxiety.

通过UPSU, 365足彩外围网站app的校园健身房和整个城市更广泛的体育联系, 这所大学提供一系列的健身课程和课程. There are also numerous sporting clubs and societies to get involved with¬ – find all of our clubs and societies on the UPSU网站.


We have been providing on-site Covid testing during 2020/21 and if still needed by the autumn you will be able to access testing kits (lateral flow tests) to use regularly at home or be able to access testing support on-campus. We work closely with local NHS and Public Health services and can provide guidance on Covid vaccination opportunities and locations if you have not had both your vaccine doses by the time you join us. 接种疫苗是对抗Covid-19最重要的防御手段. Take up the free vaccine when it is offered and remember to get both doses to ensure you are fully protected. You don’t have to wait to be contacted by the NHS to access a vaccine and we encourage all students to take up the offer of both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine as soon as possible.


The latest government guidance stipulates that there is no requirement for social distancing or other measures within in-person teaching, 这将使365足彩外围网站app能够以面对面教学开始新学年. 正常, we will support all our activities with a risk assessment and your health and wellbeing will always be important.

如果政府在下一学年的任何时候重新引入社交距离, we will draw on previous experience to run smaller groups (rather than large lectures or workshop sessions), 补充网上资料. 即使365足彩外围网站app需要调整365足彩外围网站app的教学方式, 365足彩外围网站app将继续保持学生学习经验的质量.

Please be reassured that we will continue to keep government guidance under constant review and are ready to respond to any changes.


The information for 2021/22 academic year was last updated on 21 September 2021 and will continue to be updated in the coming months and not least as government guidance changes. We do appreciate that any changes can be unsettling and we will keep you updated as regularly as we can.